Monday, October 4, 2010

Make me...feeeeeeel GOOD!

So over the last month I have been attending the SCIENCE OF MIND class given by the spiritual living center in Atlanta. I call it brain school.  The idea behind the class is to teach students how to harness the creative energy of the universe to bring about the life and experiences that they want. The class has been transformational. The core teaching of the class is that human beings are created in the image and likeness of the ultimate creator, GOD. It is believed that GOD created the world of form, first from a thought. So too, can we use our thoughts to create things. Pretty simple stuff huh?? But the magic of it is in the HOW. HOW the creative process works.  The Law of Attraction says that there are three levels or steps to the creative process. First you choose, then you attract, then you see the result.
Your surface mind is the part of you that makes the choices. You can liken your surface mind to the thinking part of you.  Your surface mind decides to type on a keyboard, or cook a meal, or walk from this place to that place. Your deeper mind or the subconscious mind simply obeys the commands of your surface mind. It knows how, this is the attracting piece. To illustrate the interaction between surface mind and deeper mind, you can think of driving a car. Your surface mind may choose to drive the car, but the information that is needed to do so is stored deep within your subconscious. This is why is seems like sometimes you are on autopilot when you are driving. This works with places too. I don’t know how many times, I have gotten on the highway and started driving to my old job or my old house, just out of habit. I get in the car and I just go there, after years of living or working in a certain place, my deeper mind just takes me there.  After years of practice, it comes as second nature to you. The body is the last stage of the creative process. It is the part of you that actually does whatever you are choosing to do. Of course “thought” can’t drive a car, but bodies can. Make sense? Here it’s necessary to note that your deeper mind (the part that obeys and knows how) and your body (the part that does), do not have a relationship with right and wrong.  Once your get in your car, YOU (surface mind) decide where to drive it. If you choose to drive it off a cliff, your deeper mind will simply operate the vehicle and you’re your body will keep pressing the petal. The decision is yours and yours alone about where to go.  The deeper mind will ALWAYS obey and the body will always EXECUTE.
So that’s the background! NOW S P A C E. The title the subject of this blog, “DOING WHAT FEELS GOOD”. I decided to write this blog after a long weekend of partying and noticing some common themes in the club. One theme that stuck on in my mind was alcohol and drug use. How many of us have been to a club sober? WOW!  It sucks! I have done it and I wanted to jump off the curb! It’s hard to be an over sexualized, illusionary environment when you are in the mental space to absorb what you are really seeing. Instead of realizing that you feel uncomfortable for a reason and leaving, we resign to dull our senses by way of alcohol or drugs.  When we look at this objectively we can see how doing what FEELS good, doesn’t always lead to doing what IS good. But alcohol isn’t the only thing that this applies to, you can think about any vice, such as gossip. That’s a simple one. Have you ever caught yourself talking about someone, discussing their life events and feeling good about it? Didn’t part of you feel good that so and so wasn’t doing as good as you were? Or when you talked about how this person’s relationship wasn’t going to work, silently patting yourself on the back at how wonderful your relationship was.  It’s like we have this sick addiction to negativity and destruction. In my opinion it’s this same addiction that leads us to enjoy television shows, sports, video games, and people that glorify violence. I have never seen the value in watching people get killed or raped. Beyond that I have no desire to feed my deeper mind the idea that these type of things are common enough to happen to me. I have always wondered why the rudest public figures and celebrities get the most attention or the most ignorant tv shows get the highest ratings. It’s not my intention to pass judgment on anyone so I won’t name names…you just fill in the black with whatever comes to your mind. We like to focus on the bad, because it’s easy, familiar, and expected. There is something is us that likes someone who , “tells it like it is” even if that means they are mean, rude, arrogant and nasty to other people. There are some women who truly believe that being a diva bitch is the only way to keep their partner interested. They say, “you gotta keep people on their toes,” or “yea I’m a boss bitch.” WTF?? #fail.  What is even more interesting is how much we idolize these people but yet feel both surprised and angry when someone talks to us this way.  If you choose to accept people and circumstances like the aforementioned into your life, your deeper mind will get to work creating more of it. Suddenly, you will find yourself walking up the nastiest, meanest heffa your ever met!  Months later, you will wonder what you did to deserve this. (I know I did! #true story)!
Fortunately, there is wisdom that comes from all of this. Once we understand the creative process, we can see that we have somehow chosen to be destructive in our surface mind, so our deeper mind leads us to the place and people that will satisfy our choice. This is the reason why we can be doing what feels good and still not get the result that we want. In truth, addicts like doing drugs. It feels good to be high, even though this very same feeling is killing their body. Notice how the body doesn’t have the capacity to stop one from shooting up. Your body will hold as much drugs as you put into it. Your mouth will produce the words to slander any and everyone…… if you will it so. So the idea is to make different choices. Consciously. To take time and energy to ponder what you want to see manifest in your life. What kind of people? What kind of experiences?  To choose to be constructive, to uplift other people (and yourself with your speech), to become addicted to healthy thoughts. Then completely inundate yourself with images of these things. Hypnotize yourself with it. Break the addiction with what you deem as bad and replace it.  I don’t know about you but when I get in my car, I want my deeper mind to be on autopilot to somewhere pleasant….. not a metaphorical cliff….simply because I have chosen to drive off it a million times before….
Today make a choice to choose joy, peace, prosperity, and so on…. get in the car and let your deeper mind’s GPS map out the path…then MASH THE GAS!!!!



  1. I agree on so many levels with what you are saying.

    Tonight my husband and I had dinner with friends. We spoke on many things from life, marriage, babies,careers, to fun stuff like the college years, hustling and of course, today's music.

    Now, I'm a little behind on a few things. I don't have an iPhone, or text for that matter, heck, I've never even downloaded a ringtone nor had a phone that could. At any point as the music conversation ran it's course, I began to realize that I didn't know half the songs or artists they were speaking of.

    I mean, I'm 26 and was feeling rather "old" for not knowing who Wacka Flacka is/was. Which BTW, is that a group or solo artist and what does "Doing It With No Hands" refer to?

    You see, I listen to more positive and contemporary music and what you refer to as being conscious, we Christians call it "living on purpose". Not only can we create because we are made in his image, we create because his very spirit dwells within us, it is our subconscious. But what do you feed it? What do you expose it to?

    Sure, I love a good beat, but personally I choose not to expose mine to Little Wayne and how he wishes he could fuck every girl in the world. Each morning I get up and make a choice to turn the station.

    Each day I choose to grow, to know Him and to make Him known, to be a blessing, to be a servant, and to be a better person.

    So yeah, I might be a little lame. Call it maturing, call it getting old or call it as you say "mak[ing] different choices. Consciously."

  2. First, let me thank you for following my blog and for commenting. You're right, there are so many similarities to be found once one has the wisdom to look. Let me also say that my affinity for "gangsta rap" has more to do with a desire to be free than a true connection with the lyrics. For so long, I have worked for someone and tried to fit my round self into a sqaure the idea of freedom and luxery is appealing to me. But I def understand the need to feed my spirit "soul food". For this reason, I spend my days in quiet contemplation or meditation. My goal is to build a collective of young people who see the benefit in seeking GOD, and living in the alignment with source energy. I appreeciate your ability to see the perspective and potential of s p a c e, even though it is not your faith tradition. You assure me that there is a community of people who resonate with these truths....thank you!!!