the book

In an honest, straightforward approach, empty.s p a c e: Where is My Stuff? Navigating the Quarterlife Crisis with Wisdom and Skill exposes the thoughts, emotions, and belief systems that both cause and reinforce the "quarterlife crisis."

A play on words, representing both the physical empty space of lack, and the infinite potential encompassed in the universe, this book picks up where other books on the subject leave off. Using concepts found in psychology, sociology,metaphysics and Buddhism, this self help memoir answers the “where is my stuff”question from a spiritual perspective.

The word s p a c e represents the cosmic emptiness that gives birth to all form and all life. The idea behind highlighting this emptiness is to show that in nothingness,everything and anything is possible. Through thought provoking narratives,personal accounts, and affirmations rooted in science and spirituality, empty.s p a c e uncovers the origin of four common thinking errors or tools of the ego. Likened, to physical baggage, the TOTE’s (Tools Of The Ego), are presented as habituated responses based on false beliefs.This book will usher you through the origin of these tools, and then arm you with another set of tools; the tools of the spirit.
I hand-wrote this book on the floor  of my apartment in the summer of 2008. At first, the chapters were just thoughts, random scribblings that I etched on individual sheets of notebook paper. Looking back, I started writing to comfort myself. Now, I pray my words and revelations will comfort you.