Fiction on Friday

Stream of consciousness: the continuous unedited chronological flow of conscious experience through the mind

Sometimes, I write fiction as a release. Most times, I have no idea what I am going to write until I see it on the screen. I don't plan it, or force it. I just let the words and story reveal itself to me. While, some of the characters in these stories have been mulling around in my head since I was a preteen...I let them speak to me and tell their own story. This is my idea of fun. Hope you enjoy. Check back every Friday for more. (The story is continuous, so each week I am posting snippets).

FoF: Wk 1: Elena and Aaron, "Awkward"

FoF: Wk 2: Karen and Adrienne, "Angry"

FoF: Wk 3: Elena and Karen, "Anxious"

FoF: Wk 4: Ambriana and Adrienne. "Annoyed"

FoF: Wk: ?: Karen and Elena. "Action"

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