Friday, April 26, 2013

FoF: Week ?1: Karen and Elena. "Action pt 2"

“That was it? She just left?” Adriana replied confused.

“Yep, that was it. She left. But then the next morning, she started sending me all these text messages, telling me how sorry she was and how she felt bad for taking advantage of me.”

“Taking advantage? But you invited her over…”

“And got her drunk, and got naked.” Karen commented. “But she just kept apologizing. After a while, I was just super annoyed. She said she was so embarrassed and all this stuff. I just kept it cool. Then after I don’t react she starts telling me how she has feelings for me and she doesn't want to hurt me. And she thinks that she pressured me…and blah blah blah.”

“Karen. Don’t be mean.”

"I’m serious, Adriana. It was just so much. Plus it’s like I knew she liked me…that’s why I was trying to give her a chance. I mean, I set that shit on a platter for her and she was too scared to take it. Now she wants to talk to me about emotions and feelings and being embarrassed. I’m just not for all of that. It’s over. I want to be done with it.

“You told her that?”

“Yea…and now she is not talking to me. She said it’s too hard being around me, because she feels like she can’t trust herself around me and she respects me too much to just sleep with me.”

“But that’s what you want?”

“I don’t know what I want. But I know that I am not going to like throw it at her anymore. I am used to dealing with men. If Adrienne came home and I had been drinking and his kids were asleep, I wouldn't of even made it to the bedroom. He would have bent me over the sofa. She is just not aggressive enough for me. She is like too nice or something.

“And Dana isn't nice.”

“Yea…she’s nice” Karen blushed. “But she’s not apologetic. It is what it is with her. Like last night, after we worked out. I was tying my shoe and she just slapped my ass. Just out of nowhere, and when I looked up at her, she just looked back like… “yea” I did it.”

“But wait, isn't she the brown skinned girl.”

“Yea, with the locks”

She had on heels that night. She is like super feminine.

“She LOOKS super feminine. Her personality is way more aggressive than Elena’s. She’s just so…confident.

“I bet she doesn't open your doors though.”

“Naw…she doesn't. Good thing it’s not my doors that need opening.” Karen smirked.

“Ma!” Karen heard her oldest scream from the living room. Cameron spilled his milk in Carmen’s hair.

Karen shook her head and looked at her sister “back to reality!”

Just as Karen was walking into the other room, she heard a car door slam. “Look out there, Adriana…its probably your sorry ass brother.” She kidded.

“Ummm no,” Adriana stammered it’s a girl…I think its…Cowry.”

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