Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Shakeology Cleanse with Coach Kourtney

So… have you indulged a little too much lately?

I have a confession. Lately, I started getting back into sweets, fried foods, and fast food. Horrible, I know.  I knew I needed to stop when I realized how tired I was. So, since I am a beach body coach, I decided to put my Shakeology shakes to use, (although I hate, hate, hate doing cleanses). They are hard. The end. But I am sliding down, and I need to get myself back on track, and I have the answer staring me in the face, so I have no more damn excuses to not do this. So, here goes nothing.

Below is a the good, bad, and ugly of how I got through the four (insert sarcastic tone here) 'blissful" days of my cleanse. Enjoy

Day 1: It’s Monday morning. Sunday, I cooked greens and broccoli and rice and various veggies to get e through this cleanse, which consists of three Shakeology shakes a day, a serving of veggies, and a salad with protein for dinner. No cheese, no dairy, no sugar. For three days. So I make my shakes, get my eggs and brown rice together because I know I need more protein thanks to my two-a-day workouts. (I do 20 minute interval training or weights in the morning, and teach turbo classes in the evenings, or another workout, like Insanity. Again, I’m a BB coach because I love their workouts.  (100 pounds don’t come off easy, ya heard?) Morning, not bad, I have a couple shakes and I am not hungry. I have the brown rice, mixed veggies and some greens for lunch. Then I have another shake for a snack before I go to the gym. Can I say how much I want candy? I text two of my friends for inspiration. The hard part comes towards the end of my class, because I just plain run out of energy. Looks like a longer abs routine for my class. I’m beat.

Day 2: I wake up tired, I didn’t get much sleep. I still get a workout in. Again, more shakes, greens and rice for lunch.  Another shake on the way to class.  I’m sleepy, and I don’t get out of class until 9, and I sucked down two bottles of water. Starving. I get home, I make myself some popcorn (which really isn’t on the menu, and go to bed.

Day 3: Same thing, except I add eggs and chicken so I won’t run out of energy. Scale says I’m five pounds down. I stare at a milky way and pack it up. 3rd day of no sugar. I don’t crave it. I suck some more water down and keep it moving, and have an awesome class. I go home and have a bowl of cereal with rice milk, which I do not like and it is not on my menu. I am full off of one bowl. Bedtime. No cravings.

Day 4 (the last day): I made it. 8 pounds down, and a 1.5 inches off my waist. Was this shit hard? Yes. But, I made it through another day eating healthy, no sugar, and my energy is back. Was this shit worth it? Hell yes! (excuse my French).

3 shakes a day, veggies, green tea and water, no dairy, no sugar. Shakeology has a day’s worth of servings of veggies and fruits, and over 70 good for you ingredients.  You want in? Holla at ya girl. I’m on a roll and I have officially re-dedicated myself back to my healthy diet. Wait, lifestyle. Because this is for life, whether I like it or not. And, it works. This is my third time doing this particular cleanse. The first two times, I lost 7 pounds. Two of my other friends did this as well, and both lost 5 pounds.  Another lost 10. But don’t expect to go back to your other sugar laden and fried food lifestyle, or you will waste your time and money.  

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