Friday, March 23, 2012

*Special Edition* Keeping Track of your Success with Coach Kourtney

Where have you been?

Summer time is coming. It’s time to ask yourself, what have you achieved so far? Where you have succeeded? Have you lost those first five pounds? How far has your intensity and endurance come along? Are you fitting into a smaller size? Better yet, have people started to take notice of you? The changes in your appearance? Have you been able to successfully keep track of your steps?
Take a moment to write down at least 5 things that you have accomplished. Now write down 5 more that you like and love about yourself. Post it where you can see it. Read these every day, when you are feeling down, or just because.  It’s important to do this because you need to keep yourself positive and moving forward. Don’t hinder yourself by thinking about what you haven’t done or negative thoughts about yourself or your body.

Where are you going?

Now that you feel good about where you have been, let’s talk about where you are going. I want to you to think about what is something that you are working towards, looking forward to, saving up for.  Here are some great ways to keeps track of your progress toward that goal. I recently read a great idea of where you put a dollar in a jar for every day that you work out for visual motivation, and use that money once it reaches a certain point, for a new outfit, vacation, or set reward. 

Another great idea was to use a couple of jars filled with pebbles, maybe change, and have one jar that symbolizes pounds and inches lost, and the other symbolizes how many more you are working towards. Put these three jars on your bedroom dresser, on your kitchen counter, dining room table, or the table by the door. Maybe in front of the TV. My point is, keep it visible, keep it where you will see it and think about it every day, so that it becomes a HABIT. Then there will be no excuses for why you can’t work out or eat better.

Your progress and keeping track is an essential part of changing your lifestyles. Keep yourself accountable and stay positive about yourself. You are your own best friend. You are your own best friend, cheerleader, and motivator. Be good to yourself. Always. In all ways.  And remember, we are not dogs. We don’t need to reward ourselves with food!

What you need to do Now?

This week: Try these moves. I love resistance bands. You can take them anywhere and use them. If you don’t have them, use some weights that will have your muscles tired by the last few reps, and add some jump ropes, jumping jacks, and/or tuck jumps in between sets to keep that heart rate up.

Shout out to Kenya Jackson and Tam Brummer. My loves, that have set goals to eat clean and train for marathons. Not only did they accomplish this, they did it with flying colors. They are rock stars. We all need positive role models like this in our lives. Get rid of that dead weight, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Starting now. 

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