Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coach Kourtney on Dieting vs. Lifestyle Changes

I am happy to introduce you all to our new Fitness Consultant, Coach Kourtney. Take a look at her bio to learn more about her and her amazing weight loss journey! Stop by every Monday to get work out and diet tips.

 A journey begins with a single step. But first, you must decide that you want to begin, have the passion to persevere, and the ambition and insight to finish.  Weight loss is a simple process, but yet, so many fail to at it. It is easy to begin and say you are going to do it, but once your precious taste buds miss that cookie you eat (times 5 or 6) every night, or all those drinks you binge on during happy hour because you deserve it, game over. That first time you hit the snooze one too many times, or the hell with it, I can start tomorrow because I want those wings tonight instead of that gym stop today turns into tomorrow, tomorrow turns into next week, next week turns into next month, next month turns into next year’s new year’s resolution. That resolution turns into 10 pounds on top of the 10 you wanted to lose. Oops.

                So how is weight loss simple? Easy. Take five minutes, sit down and make a plan. Where are you now? What would you like to change? How can you do that, safely, with no gimmicks or get skinny-quick schemes that helps you lose 20 now, gain 40 later? My recommendations; buy a big,write-in calendar, a healthy recipe cookbook, a home fitness program or a gym membership or some good running shoes, and a notebook. Then, write down your goals for the year, and break them down by MONTH. Try to replace one bad habit every month. My first goal? I want to lose 5 pounds and not pass out when I try to tie my shoes. I gave up pop and white carbs for water and committed to going to a group exercise class three times a week. I was lucky, I ended up trying turbo kick and fell in love at first punch and losing 10 pounds my first month of weight loss. Then in that same notebook with your plan and goals, take 10 minutes every single night and write down exactly what you ate , from that sip of pop to the spoonful of mayo on your sandwich, and if you accomplished your goals that day and how you feel . On that calendar, write down your monthly goal, your bad habit with your new good habit, and what workout you will do every day, even if it’s just a walk around the block. Check off every day that you meet your goal. I have mine posted on the wall right next to the kitchen entryway. I see it every time I walk into the kitchen.

                Make it a habit. Make it important. Decide to commit to succeed. Try these simple moves to start out this week: 10 minute walk, 20 jumping jacks, 2 30 second sets of planks (youtube  a basic plank, which starts with you on your hands and knees, hands directly under your shoulders, knees in line with your shoulders. Straighten out your back and tuck your butt under to really engage your abs, push your legs straight out and position your body as if you were going to do a pushup. Stay there for 30 seconds and keep your neck straight as you look at the floor. Yes, your body should shake. If this is too hard, come down to your forearms and knees, still keeping your back straight ad butt tucked. Do not turtle neck yourself or bow your back. ), and 10 more minutes of walking or jogging. Create a base of cardio and start towards making it a habit, not a diet. You should be active for at least 30 minutes a day.  Diets die, but not lifestyle changes.

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