Thursday, December 15, 2011

HMT Week 5: Perspective

On top of the hill
at the summit,
there's skill.
But below,
in the valley
there's hope.

I wrote this poem a few years ago, right after I got my Master's degree. During the two years, that I was in school, I worked full time at the American Cancer Society. Most weeks, I worked 50+ hours and I still graduated with a 3.6 GPA.  It was brutal. I can remember standing up to receive my degree, hearing all of the cheers and seeing all the pictures flashing. I remember thinking "wow...these people have no idea what we have all went through to stand here today." I thought about how all the world sees and cares about is the end result. Everyone wants to get to the top of the hill; to show and prove how skillful and smart they are. What I didn't see or acknowledge until that moment was that there is also beauty in all of the trails before the triumph. Because when you are in the valley...looking up at "skill," you are full of potential and full of hope.  It's all about perspective.

This week was definitely one of the most difficult so far.  On Tuesday, I missed my 3.5 mile run due to traffic. The stress of trying to get there and not making it, coupled with the rain and PMS caused me to have an all out temper tantrum. I'm talking tears, curse words...the works. I was so tired by the time I got done having my private panic attack, working out was a wash. Wednesday, I ran the 2 miles I was supposed the record time. Go me. Thursday morning I got up at the ass crack of dawn (5.15 am) and ran with my BGR girls. It was 38 degrees! It was a good run though, I finished the 5k route (3.23 miles) in 42 minutes. I was proud of my time because I didn't sleep at all Wednesday night because I had so much anxiety about having to get up on Thursday. Did I mention, I am a professional at self-sabotage? lol  Friday I did nothing. No running, no lifting, nothing but chilling. 
Shin Splints (Ouch)
This week the half-wife and I decided to do our long run on Saturday instead of Sunday. We got up bright and early and met the BGR girls at the King Center. The route (which was supposed to be 5 miles) ended up being 6. It was the hardest route I have ever run. The last 2.5 miles of the course was straight up. By the time it was over, my calves were burning and my eyes were..."watering."  I tried to hide the tears, but I am sure people saw right through my act. It was sooo hard, but we did it and our average time was about 12.8 minutes a mile. I have never been so proud of myself or my girl before.

I hate hills, but my BGR girls say that running up hill is the best way to train your body. The logic is, since the majority of your races will be run on flat ground, training on hills and in crappy weather, better prepares you for easier routes. Your body also changes rapidly in response to this type of stimuli. Sure the change hurts but in the long run it's worth it. Plus, think about it, if you can run an 11 minute mile, uphill in a fast will you be on a flat route in 65 degree weather?

Lately, my personal life has been a lot like that 2.5 mile hill; hard, long, and all up hill.  On any given day, I am juggling about five major things. In the morning, I am looking for jobs, researching PhD programs, and cleaning the house. In the afternoon, I am blogging and trying to improve my brand. At night, I am writing, training, and working to maintain my relationship. All the while, I have to manage my friendships and familial duties.  IT IS A LOT.  And oftentimes much harder than I care to admit.

This week, however with help of my BGR  girls and that dang blasted hill, I learned a valuable lesson. Train for the worst and you will be more than prepared for the best! 

On to the weigh in...

I gained this week. Blah.
Weight: 174.2 lbs (up) *sad face*
Waist: 25.5 inches (down)
Bust: 35.5 inches (same)
Hips: 46 inches (up)
Thighs: 26 inches (up)
Bicep: 12 inches (same)

Mile: Indoor: didn't run on treadmill this week
Outdoor: 13 ish (down) WoooHOOO!!!!

*So, yea, I gained .8 pounds and my butt and thighs are getting bigger!!! BLAHHH! Admittedly, I didn't do good with the food this week and some of the bulking up is probably because of how much faster I am running. But I will be 165 by my birthday. I have two months! See ya in a few weeks!

Today's Workout: 4 mile run and weights!

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  1. You can do...stress, strain, tantrums, frustration, and all