Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HMT-Week 3: Stand up for you life- Do something!

I have been reading this book and
 doing the excercises for a year now!
These last few weeks, I have noticed that I have been dealing with a lot of jealousy. Which is surprising, because I am not typically a the jealoust type. But I guess,  when I think about what I have been through recently (loosing my job and the contest within a month)  I can kind of understand why I've been so envious. What have I been jealous of??? Girl, everything! Especially other people. I am jealous that they seem to be more successful in their businesses. Jealous that they seem to have more support in their personal lives. Jealous that somebody else walked away with my book contract!  But at the core of my jealousy lies disappointment with myself....even deeper- the realization that other people are doing what I have not been brave enough to do. Other people are putting their business ventures and professional pursuits first. Because they deem it to be important. They understand that you can't do what you have been doing and get something different. In order for me to do the same, I know there are some changes I need to make.  I need to stand up for my life.  To make a decision to spend my time, money and energy on ONLY the things that will bring me closer to what I want. As I said before there is no prize in being a martyr.  Plus, we all know how to lose. Most of us have had our fair share of disappointment and pain in our it's time for us to win and order for us to win, we have  to DO what winners Do. And the first step in that is to DO SOMETHING.
*The book on the right is  great place to start, if you are ready to do something drastic with your life. It has help me soo much*
There are 3 things specifically that I am going to commit to DOing. Perhaps, you can identify.

1: Do it NOW: I don't know about you, but I have major issues with anxiety when there is something that I want. Even something as simple as making a phone call or sending an email can send me into an hour long Facebook binge or have me surfing through my DVR looking something to distract me future I guess. But do you know what I learned? That shit does not work. The world moves fast...and sometimes even 10 minutes can be the difference between an open door and a closed one. Beyond that when you have "inspired thought," (you know when you can hear that little voice in your head) compelling you to do behoove you to do it. It's called "inspired thought," for a reason. Because when you have those thoughts you are "in the spirit," meaning the universe is ready and willing to work with and for you....IN THAT MOMENT. So don't wait...don't miss out. Stop the procrastination. Do it NOW.

2: Do it ANYWAY: As humans the only thing we love more than an entourage is an audience. Even the most humble of us are naturally narcissistic in some way. We want people to praise us  and clap for us and tell us, "good job." We also love for other people to join help be on our team. Sometimes when we don't have the support of others or people don't join our efforts....we rethink or plan. We quit or we slow down.  But sometimes what the Universe is looking for consistency. Which is more,  since many of us struggle with worthiness (another blog for another day), doing something with consistency can be a way to prove to yourself that you deserve what you are wanting. Stability is not only a value but a virtue.  So keep the promises you make to yourself, no matter what-Do it ANYWAY.

 3. Do it WELL: Confession:  When I don't want to do something, I half ass it. If I don't feel like running, I turn the speed down real low to make things easier for me. Who does this hurt? The treadmill? No, it hurts me and me and only me. I have a goal of running this half marathon.  I have to be able to run a 15 minute mile to make the time established by the racing committee. So slowing down only decreases my chances of making my time. Sure it's easier now...but it will be harder later. If I am going to run, I should try my hardest and run my best race-an obvious metaphor for anything else I am doing in my life.  I believe that excellence is a universal language. We all know good....but we can feel when something is done with grace and excellence. Put out a product that you can be proud of.  Later for the shortcuts and the breaks, if you are going to do something, Do it WELL.

 On to the weigh-in:
I gained a few pounds since breaking my fast, but my outdoor mile is faster... so I am going to decide that I gained muscle.
Weight:  173.4
Waist: 30 inches

Bust: 35.5 inches

Hips: 44.5 inches

Thighs: 25 inches

Bicep: 12 inches

Mile: Indoor: 12 minutes
          Outdoor: 14:30 (woo hoo)

Today's workout: Hill training with BGR and Zumba. Let's get it!

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