Saturday, October 1, 2011

Divine Intervention

So,  I am putting the final touches on my proposal...when my half calls me and tells me to stop so she can make some edits. I'm paralyzed. Beause I know she needs to help me but in my nervous, edgy, haven't slept or really eaten since Thursday night headspace, its hard to relinquish control. I figure I have some time on my hands and I am a little anxious so I decide to do what I always do when I'm nervous. Read. I was thumbing through some old journals and blogs when I found this. You will be surprised how appropriate it is for my current situation. It really made me feel better. And anything that makes me feels good...I simply must share with my Fireworks. *Keep in mind, I wrote this 2 years ago! And I didn't change it at all.* How crazy is it that my two year ago self knew exactly what I needed to read today. Enjoy

My best friend never misses an opportunity to remind me that the Universe is much smarter than I will ever when the universe speaks it would behoove me to listen. With little or no effort on my part the universe works to ensure that the situations, people, and experiences that I have are always in the best interest of my growth. I recognize that in the past I devoted quite a bit of my energy to trying to understand or even change circumstances that I felt were undesirable. I felt that I knew better and was under the illusion, that my opposition would somehow change things to be the way I wanted them to be. Living your life this way will keep you in arguments and in a state of unhappiness because you are not in alignment with what "is" but instead are steeped in what "was" or what "should be." However, one need only observe the natural order of things to realize that opposition only deepens the illusion whereas acceptance transmutes it.

Surrender is one of the most liberating experiences one can create. Surrender is beyond deciphering what is "fair" or "right" or "just" or "good". It is the space between peace and enlightenment. It is a deep trust for the natural order of the world...for the "is-ness" of your current situation without judgement. To me, it means that if we trust the universe/god/nature with our lives...i.e: the sun that grows the food we eat, the forest that yeilds the houses we dwell in, the animals that keep our ecosystem healthy, the air and water that sustain our human form, why do we offer so much resistance when this same energy source does something that we don't "like?" I have to use the word "like" here, because "understand" would be inappropriate. I am sure even the most brilliant minds, don't truly "understand" how the universe works the way in does or how the body operates the way it does.....yet we accept it and are grateful.

I have relinquished the need for understanding and replaced it with the will to trust and a desire to surrender... because there is a peace in observing what the universe brings into my life and even in what the universe takes away. I know that I am not diminished by a pushy supervisor, or a bad hair day, a few extra pounds, or even a failed relationship. I offer no opposition. I accept and embrace it all....

with gratitude

I am the SPACE

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