Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rolling Hills...

Listen First.
I saw Jill perform this song on the BET awards the other day and just had to delve a little deeper. Once I really got a chance to absorb the lyrics, I  have had in on repeat ever since. I wish I could make every woman in America memorize the lyrics to this song. Man. Jill Scott is such an amazing songstress but she is an even more amazing poet and wordsmith. She has another poem off her live album that eludes to this same sentiment (Please Listen, it will give this post so much more context). It’s about the challenges of carrying a woman’s body before you have a woman’s mind. Awesome, Awesome…Awesome.

Anyway, I gather both from her poetry and her music that little miss Jill was hot in the ass growing up. You know what; I am not even gonna say that. She probably wasn’t even fast. She was probably just misguided and had low self esteem like so many other young girls do. Young girls who were raised by Lil Wayne lyrics and rap videos filmed in strip clubs. She probably just wanted to be loved. Accepted. Told she was pretty, valuable, that she mattered. So she chased a penis looking to be “filled up.” The good thing about all this is that as some point she realized her worth. The fullness of it. Because I am not just talking about the worth of her mind…of her spirit. But also of her body. A woman’s body (and a man’s body) is a work of art. In function and appearance. How genius was God to make the organs that create life double as our pleasure centers. As women we are more than just our bodies….more than just our curves…more than just a wet hole…soo much more. Yet, we need not neglect the power and beauty of all that. We are consummate. All of the above.  No need to reject one for the sake of the other. I know, I have often struggled with the delicate balance of being a lady and still expressing and celebrating my sexuality. I used to hide my curves beneath layers of clothes to keep from being noticed and perceived as slutty. So I appreciate Jill’s ability to project a full picture. Enjoy…Comment.

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