Monday, December 13, 2010

Believe the Hype (Day 14)

....its so true that what you feed you mind you see and expect. Today is day 14 of my new commitment to live a healthier life. My gf and I gave up solid food for 11 days and I also have decided to sacrifice any and all alchohol consumption and club going for at least 30 days. What is so interesting about this time, is that you notice how quickly our habits form. Before this fast, I ate shit. Period. There is no nice way to say it...that's what is was. And not only did I eat shit, I craved shit. I had to have it. All I wanted to eat was fried, greasy, buttery, low vibration, food. I had to have soda and juice to drink. I was almost repulsed by water and even more repulsed by physical activity. I didn't want to do anything but eat shit and watch crap on tv. Every now and again, I would squeeze out a blog post or type a few sentences in my book. But I wasn't really motivated to do much.

The metaphysicist in me know that the only reason, I could have craved that type of food is because thats how I felt on the inside. But on day 14, I am happy to use the word felt....because I feel amazing. And everything about my cravings have changed. The thought of putting a double cheeseburger in my mouth makes me want to leap out of a window. And laying on the couch all day watching reality tv sounds like a mental death  penalty. My energy has increased. I work out everyday...and drink only water and orange juice. I don't nap during the day and I sleep like a drunk baby at night. I turn the tv off when my gf gets home from work and we talk! I look in the mirror and see a beautiful, bright and clear complexion. I wink at myself...(I'm pretty hot!!).

But get this. I can see how my new found love and respect for myself is drawing to me, more of the things I want. For the first time in months, I can afford to pay all my bills...and I mean all.  I am making more money at work and was able to furnish my whole apartment last weekend! Who knew that a salad and 30 minutes on the treadmill was a money magnet!

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to say that all the hype is true. Give to yourself, love yourself, treat yourself with respect and the universe will respond. I feel good...I expect good...I get good.

Here's to a healthier Me...and YOU!!

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  1. So very proud of us! You look amazing... and your energy is motivating. :-) Keep it up! xoxo