Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A “Right Alignment”

Danger is in extremes, not occurrences alone. So in the spirit of symmetry, let’s decide not to think of the ego as an enemy. Instead let’s choose to think of our lives as a see-saw with ego on the left side of that see-saw. Much like the psychological components of the left brain, the ego is responsible for expressing analytic thought and logic.
On the other side of the see-saw is empty.s p a c e/spirit. The right side is where we find holistic thought, intuition and creativity. In the middle, perfect balance. Our choices are responsible for tilting the see-saw one way or the other. This book and metaphysics proper are designed to help us make more informed choices; choices that lead to balance and harmony. However, a large portion of the world is completely unconscious as to how much their choices can influence their lives. This is why the world may appear to be so out of balance. People believe it is easier to move through the world with mechanical predictability, relying heavily on rules, norms and traditions for governance, instead of creativity and spiritual truths. As a result, when observed closely, the world seems to be shifted toward the “knowing” part of you, or to the proverbial left.
I believe it’s time for a paradigm shift, a shift toward the creative, toward the spirit. In keeping with that, I chose to print my book with both a literal and metaphorical “right alignment.” Initially, it will seem awkward, but change/growth is always uncomfortable at first. In time, your mind and eyes will adjust.

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