Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midweek Healthy Eats:Healthy versions of unhealthy favorites

Let's face it, some of those not so healthy favorites (pizza, fried anything, french fries, burgers...) can be yummy from time to time, but the reality is it is horrible for our bodies. So in an effort to find a happy medium check out these healthy alternatives to some junk food favorites....


Chicken Sausage and Veggie Pizza on Herb Infused Whole Wheat Pizza Crust by Chef Michelle

(Here is the original post on how to make this healthy goodness)

Here's another good pizza recipe from Clean Eating Magazine: Spinach & Chicken Sausage Pizza

Tip: The great thing about pizza is you can change the toppings based on your personal taste. Try to go for lean proteins and fresh organic produce.

On to the fried... (yum!)

Oven fried Orange Roughy by Chef Michelle

Crispy Baked Chicken Wings by Chef Michelle

Here's some CLEAN Ketchup to go with your french fries: Clean Eating Homemade Ketchup
(photo from clean eating magazine)

Tip: Seems like the secret behind loving all things fried is that crunch... everyone loves the crunch! Infuse flavor with lots of fresh herbs and spices and bake on high heat to achieve a "fried-like" texture. 

We can't talk about junk food without exploring the good ol' burger... here are some better alternatives to the fast food crap filled burger:
(photo from


Salsa Burger from

Baked Turkey Burgers from the gracious pantry

Smothered Cheeseburger from clean eating magazine

Tip: Burgers aren't too hard to fix up into a healthier version. Use a lean meat, (orgainc grass fed even better), cut back on the oil and use fresh made condiments and a whole grain bun. Simple and delish!

What favorite junk food do you love that you need transforming into a healthier version? Leave your comments below and I will work on finding a healthy alternative. 

Check back here next Wednesday for a another edition of Midweek Healthy Eats!

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