Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 1: #30daythankyou

Well...It's October 17th. 17 years ago today, I lost my mom to lung cancer. I have to tell you it doesn't get any easier as the time goes by. I know that she will not be able to see me get married, or have children, or get my life coach certification. She won't be making Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. She won't be there to kiss my forehead and poke fun at me for gaining a few pounds since the last time I saw her. Physically, I will never see her again. 

Each year, I try to do something to commemorate the woman that she was and the woman that I am because of her. This year, I chose this day as the beginning of a month long gratitude campaign called the #30daythankyou.  Loosing a parent, a job, a spouse, or even a treasured item is always hard...but what's harder is to be great.ful that you were blessed enough to have it or them in the first place. In memory of my mother, I'd like all of you to join me in thanking one special person EVERYDAY FOR 30 DAYS, publicly. You can do it on your Facebook or Twitter pages...or your personal blogs. You can do a Youtube video. However you want to do it. Make sure you tag the person and me (Kenya Jackson or Myquarterlife). Let's all commit to giving people their flowers while they are here instead of laying them atop a tombstone.

Today, I want to thank...Kenya Crooks.

Kenya Crooks is my trainer. I have been working with him for the 3 years on and off. I wanted to thank him first because I owe a lot of my drive and confidence to him. He pushes me farther than I have ever been pushed. He has shown me how strong I am and how capable I am of breaking the cycle of poor health and obesity that has plagued my family for as long as I can remember. Now, I know that I am not going to be diabetic like my grandmother and mother. Or have high blood pressure like my cousin and aunt. I see the value in eating healthy and taking care of my body. Kenya's generosity reminds me that there are still good strong men in this world. Men who really love women and want to offer the fortitude and support that a man should. So, thank you Kenya...for the sore muscles and the meaningful prayers. It means a me! #30daythankyou. (Pass it on)

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