Friday, February 11, 2011

Running.... on Empty (Inspired by someone special)

*This clip was taken from a comedy routine performed by KATT WILLIAMS. It is an excerpt. The clip contains explicit language that may not be suitable for younger viewers*. Please watch before reading.

I included this clip today because I felt like this story provided the perfect metaphor for life before, during, and after the quarter life crisis. Honestly, isn’t that how we all felt fresh out of high school or college; full of potential ready to run and take on the world? Zig-zagging through life at lightning speed to the surprise of everyone watching us….That is until we didn’t get the job we wanted. Or the guy/girl we dated all throughout college found someone else. Or until someone, somewhere told us that we should slow down…then BAM…right in our tracks… we stopped. Falling on our butt for the world to see. But you will notice that even after the little boy had been rendered motionless…the only thing on his mind was running…
For many young people the quarter-life crisis is about more than just finding a job or a soul mate. It really has more to do with expectations, self-esteem, and pride. Being able to land the perfect job or the perfect partner is perceived as a physical manifestation of success, so when one is unable to do that expectations are foiled and the self-esteem is wounded. Confusion arises as the quarter-lifer tries to recount every action and reaction they have had trying to figure out what on earth went wrong?
But beneath all the questions and confusion, lies the ugly monster of BLAME. Who do you blame? Who do you blame when your life is not turning out the way you thought it would? Do you blame the intern that stuffed your employment rejection letter into the plain white envelope and sent it to your house? Do you blame the parents of your latest lover who was afraid of commitment? Do you blame your friends for constantly Facebooking and tweeting about their new babies, promotions and love interests? More than likely the answer to these questions is NO. You don’t blame any of these people. In your compromised state of anger and depression, you lash out against the only person that you can see and touch. YOU. You think… maybe I should have gone to a better school? Gotten better grades? Chose a different major?
The truth is it’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault in particular. We are in a recession that has robbed thousands of people from their jobs and made it almost impossible for others to get jobs. It may not be your fault, but your mental health is still your responsibility.
About Depression…
Depression as a disease is caused by a decrease in the neurotransmitter serotonin. So when people are depressed, their body actually has depressed cells. It’s both psychological and biological. It follows that you need a biological and psychological solution. Exercise and eating right provides that solution. If you are constantly taking in low vibration food (like bread, processed foods, and ALCOHOL), your body will not be getting the nutrients it needs to feel good. Combine the low vibration food with lack of activity and you can only imagine the result. Your body will begin to feel the way you perceive your life to be. Bad.
I think my biggest loser post was so popular because people can identify with eating too much. Eating and drinking too much is the easiest way to deal with depression because most of us want to see our pain the way we feel it. So we eat it. Then we worry. The worrying causes insomnia. We stay up all night and then sleep all day (during our most productive hours). But the problem is this; the universe is not in the business of keeping a record of right and wrong. God has nothing to prove to you. If you behave and carry yourself like a lazy slob…lazy sloppiness is what you will attract. It’s the self-fulfilling prophecy and the Law of Attraction at its best.
Fault is not the question…but responsibility is the answer. You have to keep yourself in fighting trim. Otherwise, what will you do when you stumble on the perfect opportunity? How will you work a 9 to 5, if you have gotten used to staying up until 5 am every morning? How will your new partner react when they see that you haven’t shaved or waxed in 3 months? That’s an extreme example but you get my point. When we want great things to happen to us, we must behave “as if” they have already happened.
In 2008, Drake came out with his hit song “Best I Ever Had’” I love that song. When it came out I didn’t have anyone in my life that I could relate it to. But every time it came on, I sang it and imagined what it be like to have someone in my life that made me feel that way. Now…I do. But while I was single I didn’t allow myself the luxury of “letting myself go.” Honestly, I was skinnier then! I took care of myself and saved my money, because when I met a special girl I wanted to be ready for her.
Readying yourself for excellence requires the same discipline.
So stop blaming yourself and start appreciating yourself. Separate yourself image from what is happening to you and see yourself for who you really are. Not who you are with or what you have.
Set a goal for yourself that you have control over. Put one foot in front of the other and RUN!!! When you run, you are the only person that is in control. Just you and the treadmill or you and the pavement. Running allows you to see the results of your hard work. You can feel the burn in your legs and your heart pounding in your chest. You feel alive. In your mind you can picture (as I often to) running toward your goal or running away from things or people that have hurt you. You see the self-fulfilling prophecy goes both ways, if you see yourself achieving something it becomes ingrained in your spirit that you can do something wonderful. Don’t take the proverbial Ritalin and don’t let anyone else give it to you.
It may feel like you’re running on empty…but the only thing that is important is that you’re still moving. Don’t worry about how slow you are going. You will have friends, and family along the way that will fill you up or even give you a push.
We have to be like that little boy. There may be times when we feel like we can’t move…but never let the idea/possibly slip out of your head. Inevitably the universe will step in (just like KATT did in the clip) and let you know its okay…to run

**to the person who inspired this blog, I am so proud that you have found a way to care for yourself during this time. You have always been one of my favorite people and am blessed to have someone like you in my life and in my corner. Never doubt that all your hard work is working for you. Your spirit is indestructible...always has been**

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